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Every man goes online now these days comes in contact with penis enlargement ads enticing bigger penis size instantly. I know for a fact cause I have bought many of the products advertised online and from the good marketing I thought the desire found in the head of every man for a bigger penis would come true. They do have some real natural penis enlargement products on the market that do work. Yet what I learned was you really have to separate the good from the bad and not be enticed by the hype for penis enlargement products that don’t work. You really have to do research to actually find the products to see which ones work and the others that are out just to get your money.

There are four areas you must look at when choosing the best penis enlargement products to choose. By looking at these four guidelines you will be able to avoid getting ripped off online and find the best products.

Criteria For Choosing The Top Penis Enlargement Products

1. Quality of Ingredients – Analyze the different products, and examined the potency and quantity of each system. This is to ensure that the penis enlargement products aren’t made from cheap materials that only provide minimal results.

2. User Results – Gather reviews and testimonials from customers of these penis enlargement products to see how well they actually work. See which had the highest satisfaction rate in the industry, and the most positive user results.

3. Overall Value – Analyze what each company is offering in terms of pricing, free bonuses, shipping, and guarantee.

4. Money-Back Guarantee – All the penis enlargement products should offer an iron clad money back guarantees. It’s important to know that you can return a particular product if it doesn’t do everything that the company promises it will do.

After spending a small fortune online I narrowed all penis enlargement product choices down to these four guidelines and that’s when I began to come across some good quality products in the market. There are many natural penis enlargement products that can help men achieve a bigger, harder erection for a very satisfying sex life. I will touch on the best five categories I found that worked and did make an increase in penis size.

Best 5 Natural Penis Enlargement Products

Penis Devices

Many websites offer these products for enlargement but only two devices really work at achieving a bigger penis size. Penis pumps have been on the market for a while and have many loyal male fans. This device comes with a cylinder that you put your penis in and a hand pump or electric pump which gives better results. Penis pumps work by forming a vacuum in the cylinder that your penis is in forcing blood to enlarge the penis naturally. The next device is known as a penis extender and a lot of men are especially happy with this device. Penis extenders work by stretching the penis increasing the length, girth and width of the penis. Penis extenders can be worn under clothes and don’t cause any problems with your regular daily routine and results can be noticed by the weeks.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are many ancient techniques still used today that have been passed down by generations of cultures. In Africa the tribes to this day naturally enlarge the young tribes men’s manhood to prepare them for adult life. Penis exercises are done with your hand and works the same as how body builders exercise to build muscle. What makes penis exercises work for enlargement is sticking with the weekly routines so you can see the best gains in size. I suggest with all penis enlargement products you always measure your starting size so you can track your progress just like with weight loss. titanium gel

Penis Enlargement Pills

Many men don’t know how to properly use male enhancement supplements to achieve an increase in penis size. It’s not just taking a pill and expect your penis to increase with no effort. The role of pills in enlargement methods is to increase the blood flow to your penis while using a penis device or doing penis exercises. The supplements help to increase the blood flow to the penis giving men more stronger, harder and bigger erections faster. So you should always use a penis device or penis exercises while taking penis enlargement pills for the best results.

Penis Enlargement Patches

Patches have become a hit in the bed room for many men. The same concept like the stop smoking patch to stop smoking by applying the patch to the skin you get the transfer of ingredients instantly. The effects of many of the best brands of patches last in the system for 72 hours. Patches are quite effective cause unlike pills which have to travel through the digestive system can work more faster by entering through the skin. It works by simply placing the patch on your body near your penis and the chemical reaction increases blood flow to your penis in under five minutes. These are good for rock hard penis erections anytime.

Penis Oils & Creams

Penis oils and creams are also useful when doing penis exercises or using penis devices. Since the oils and creams are topical on the skin they enter your body more faster. These products work on increasing blood flow to the penis when it is applied. Once the chemical reaction starts you can feel the throbbing in your penis from the blood flow.

The five categories mentioned above give the best results for increasing the size of your penis. You should always use the four guidelines above before buying any penis enlargement product to avoid being scammed. Also remember that natural penis enlargement does take time so stick to what ever product or routine you begin and always track your results to see which method is giving you the best gains.


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